About me 👋

I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University. My academic journey at Duke has steered me towards a specialized track in software development, reflecting both my passion and dedication to creating robust and innovative software solutions.

By integrating foundational engineering concepts with state-of-the-art software practices, I aim to develop innovative solutions that address real-world challenges. Whether it’s crafting intuitive user interfaces, architecting robust backend systems, designing scalable cloud infrastructures, or implementing cutting-edge AI models, I am invigorated by the multifaceted nature of technology.

Currently, I’m actively seeking SDE internship opportunities where I can apply my skills, learn from industry experts, and contribute to impactful projects. Take a moment to browse through my projects, read up on my experiences, or drop me a message if you’re intrigued and want to connect. Here’s to the intersection of engineering and software, and the exciting journey it entails! 🛫

Languages and Tools:

android bootstrap c cplusplus css3 django docker flask git html5 java javascript jekyll linux mysql postman python spring sqlite vuejs



Offer Master🔗
  • Visit at: http://offermaster.demo.zixiaoma.com/
  • SpringBoot, Vue.js, Element UI, Bootstrap, Hadoop, Docker
  • Utilised Spring Boot as backend framework for the development of RESTFUL controllers and services for all the modules, such as application module and grade module.
  • Integrated Spring Data JPA as ORM framework instead of using MyBatis, for that ORM streamlines development by reducing repetitive SQL tasks, which aligns with the project's rapid delivery objectives.
  • Adopted Vue3 for frontend development, integrating ElementUI</b> for the administrative interface and HighCharts to visualize offer timelines in the user portal.
  • Integrated JWT in the Spring Boot microservice, offering centralized permission controls.
MusicMo - Django Based Musical Instrument Shop🔗
  • Visit at: http://musicmo.demo.zixiaoma.com/
  • Designed and implemented a web-based backend using Django framework, offering 20+ REST APIs, and conducted testing with Postman.
  • Developed a time-ordered message sidebar for the communication system using Django ORM, optimizing data retrieval with annotate queries to reduce time complexity from O(mn) to O(m+n).
  • Integrated Three.js and TweenLite for the display and interaction of 3D instrument models, and utilised Blender and 3D MAX tools for the implementation of 3D instrument models.
  • Employed Swagger for automated generation of RESTful API documentation, significantly minimizing documentation maintenance overhead.
  • Managed and executed Django Model migrations to ensure alignment and synchronization between the models and the database.
Android Application Gravity Labyrinth🔗
  • Implemented SurfaceView for the core game interface, crafting complex animations with ValueAnimator, including diverse entry animations for different modes and the detailed animation of ball movement effects.
  • Deployed Java Socket for the robust LAN based online competetion system, enabling players to create and join custom gaming rooms, and engage in synchronized real-time competition through the UDP protocol.
  • Crafted intuitive Dialog interfaces for game navigation (exit, continue, restart), and for displaying top player ranks, complete with custom enter and exit animations and dialog transformation animations.
  • Leveraged Fragments to structure community features like forums and chat rooms, efficiently employing GridView and RecyclerView for responsive and organized page layouts.
AutoForum - Flask Based Web Application🔗
  • Visit at: http://autoforum.demo.zixiaoma.com/
  • Flask implemented for establishment of the software architecture and development of critical components such as the resource management system and trading system.
  • Utilised SQLAlchemy for the ORM implementation, modulating 15+ MySql tables into Python classes
  • Integrated Jinja2 with JQuery and AJAX for the display of frontend components and support of user interactions.
OpenGL Computer Graphics Animated Interactive Scence🔗
  • Developed a camera system that rotates the world coordinates by capturing the mouse movement and performing trigonometric operations on it.
  • Implemented an advanced 3D collision detection system capable of returning varied collision results for objects in different states, e.g., rooms with doors either open or closed.
  • Utilised sophisticated matrix transformation to implement 25+ intricate 3D objects including the magician, horse and audiance sitting on chairs.
  • Apply interpolation techniques to craft 10+ complicated actions such as stabbing the sword and waving the magic wand.
Distributed Systems Java Socket Based P2P System🔗
  • Engineered a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing system with a central server utilizing Distributed Hash Tables (DHT) for efficient resource indexing.
  • Implemented GUID generation for peers and resources using SHA-1 and UUID algorithms to ensure unique identification in a distributed network.
  • Developed a TCP-based communication protocol for robust peer server-client data transfer, with built-in error handling for data integrity.
  • Designed a dynamic resource management system allowing peers to serve as both clients and servers, capable of real-time updates for adding or removing resources.